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Всероссийская олимпиада школьников по английскому языку 7 класс
Part 1. Reading

Look at the statements 1-10 about advice for new students at a university. Read the text below to decide if each statement is correct or incorrect. If it is correct, mark A. If it is incorrect, mark B.

1. Some centres are open all winter.

2. The activities available depend on the weather.

3. Action Sports Camps courses are unsuitable for people who are excellent at sport.

4. You need to have your own sports equipment.

5. Children and adults spend some time together each day.

6. Some of the staff are unqualified.

7. Action Sports Camps only recommend accommodation of a high quality.

8. You have to pay the total fee one month after you book.

9. Action Sports Camps charge you more if you pay with your credit card.

10. If you cancel three weeks before your camp, you will get half your money back.


Action Sports Camps provide activity holidays for children aged over five and adults. We offer training in over twenty sports at ten different centres throughout the UK. All the centres are open from April until October and some open during the winter for weekend courses. The sports offered differ from one centre to another so if you want to do something in particular you should check our colour brochure.

The camps are not just limited to outdoor sports - we cover a wide range of indoor activities as well. So if the rain comes, the camps continue although you may have to take off your football boots and pick up a squash racket instead. With the experience we've gained over the years, we put together the right mix of sport and activities providing sport for all, not just for those who are brilliant at athletics. It is unnecessary to bring any equipment because it is all provided.

We work in small groups, children working with others of their own age, but we do all come together for social activities and meals. So, different members of a family can make their own individual choices but they get a chance to exchange their experiences later on.

Our centres offer first-class accommodation, food and facilities - and the staff are first-class too. Qualified teachers or professionals receive training from us and many work with us year after year. We always employ qualified staff for activities such as swimming, trampolining and gymnastics but some of the assistants organising the children's games are students, many of whom came to the camp themselves when they were younger.

At most of our centres, accommodation is in a hostel or tents. It is not possible for us to arrange other accommodation but we can send you a list of what is available in the area. Most of the places are recommended to us, but not all, so we are not responsible for the quality of the accommodation on this list. Luxury accommodation is not available near our camps.

To book a place at a sports camp, complete the form and send it with a cheque for the deposit to the address below. The rest of the fee can be paid at any time but we must receive it at least one month before your camp. Please note, to keep costs down, you are charged 2.5% extra by us if you pay with your credit card. You will receive a letter of confirmation within ten days of sending your form. Cancellations made up to a month before the camp are refunded in full apart from a 5% administration fee. Fifty per cent of the fee is refunded if a cancellation is made up to two weeks before the date of the camp. After that no refunds can be given.

Part 2. Use of English

1.I... glasses since I was a child,

a) wear, b) wore, c) am wearing, d) have been wearing.

2. When the phone rang, I... dinner.

a) cook, b) was cooking, c) had been cooking, d) have been cooking.

3. He usually had dinner at 4 p.m., ... ?

a) had he, b) hadn't he, c) did he, d) didn't he.

4. He works ... and makes good progress.

a) hard, b) hardly, c) good, d) badly.

5. He reminds me ... someone I knew in the army.

a) of, b) to, c) from, d) about.

6. Mary is here. Where are ... ?

a) other, b) others, c) the others, d) another.

7. What ... bad weather we are having today!

a) the, b) a, c) an, d) — .

8. Did you read ... English books at school?

a) some, b) many, c) much, d) none.

9. I want to know what ...,

a) are you doing, b) were you doing, c) will you do, d) you are doing. *•

10. I've made ... mistakes now than I made last time.

a) few, b) a few, c) fewer, d) less.

11. Can ... of you help me?

a) some, b) any, c) somebody, d) anybody.

12. This translation is twice as ....

a) easy, b) easier, c) the easiest, d) much easier.

13. We ... two compositions this month.

a) write, b) wrote, c) were writing, d) have written.

14. I had a feeling that somebody ... there before.

a) is, b) was, c) has been, d) had been.

15. She won't see him ... he phones her.

a) except, b) after, c) unless, d) because.

16. ... only one theatre and two cinemas in this city ten years ago.

a) there is, b) there was, c) there are, d) there were.

17. My watch....

a) stops, b) has stopped, c) have stopped, d) stop.

18. Do you know when he ... ?

a) comes, b) will come, c) shall come, d) come.

19. I don't have any pets. Neither ....

a) she does, b) does she, c) is she, d) does she have.

20. His parents didn't let him ... TV late.

a) to watch, b) watch, c) watching, d) watched.

Part 3. Use of English

Read the text below. Complete the spaces (1-6) with the correct form of the words in capitals. There is an example (0) at the beginning.

Tourism in Britain

Every year MORE than eleven million tourists visit Britain.


In fact tourism is an _________1_________ industry, employing thousands of people.


Most _________2_________ come in the summer months when they can expect good weather.


Tourists ________3__________ spend a few days in London, then go on to other well-known cities.


Perhaps the least visited places in England are old __________4________ towns.


But many people think that nineteenth-century cities show the __________5________ of Britain.


The __________6________ of the past is to be still seen in their old streets.


Part 4. Writing

Describe your ideal planet you would like to live on.

You should write about 100 - 120 words
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