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Входная контрольная работа по английскому языку 9 класс ФГОС Школа России




Listen to the text and write T fo True, F for False.

The writer went to the theatre._______
He cried all the way through the new film.______
This restaurant does actually exist.______
The owner of the restaurant was very angry with the director.______
In the film in the restaurant everything goes right.______
The film company paid her much money.______
Jane was afraid that people will stop coming.______
She decided to contact with famous magazine._______

II. Fill in articles, where is necessary.

How many bridges were there in … London at …beginning of … 11th century?
Did you travel to …North?
We had …wonderful time in … Windsor Safary Park?
… Mr.West lives in … small town in … west of … England.
Do you like to travel by … plane or by … car?
Where is … Red Square?

III. Choose the right option and fill in the gaps.

1. You shouldn’t be rude to people who are trying to help you. … advice if you don’t like it, but behave yourself.

a) ignore b)deserve c)confess d)follow

2. Nobody except us knew about the plan. It means that the person who …us is here in this room.

a) had betrayed b)betray c)has betrayed d)was betrayed

3. I envy her because she is so good at languages. She … Italian for only a year and can already speak it perfectly.

a) have been learning b)had learnt c)has been learning d)was learning

4. When the fire began, I found out that the door was locked. It was my roommate who … me from the fire.

a) rescued b)has rescued c)had been rescuing d)rescues

5. Wherever we live and … language we speak we all need friends.

a) whoever b)however c)whatever d)whenever

IV. Read the words and find their definitions.

1) a chatterbox a) to behave dishonestly towards a person who believes you

2) a bore b) it’s hard to believe

3) to appreciate c) to be grateful for something

4) to betray d) someone who is boring

5) to deserve e) to have a bad feeling towards somebody

6) to envy f)someone who talks too much

7) incredible g) to earn something by actions

V. Choose the right answer.

1) He ___ in the garden when Tom ___.

A) sat; was coming cool was sitting; came

2) I ___ a message from Kelly last Saturday.

A) have got cool got

3) My mother wasn’t at the shop when I ___.

A) had come cool came

4) For long month she ___ his secret.

A) had been keeping cool had kept

5) Our car ___ at the moment.

A) is being cleaned cool is cleaned

6) He doesn’t try hard,___?

A) do he cool doesn’t he C) does he

7) His name ___ in the book.

A) hasn’t been mentioned cool wasn’t mentioned

8) I think he ___ the address already.

A) has found cool has been found

9) There is nobody there,___?

A) is there cool isn’t there C) does there

10) Mary has just written a letter,___?

A) has she cool doesn’t she C) hasn’t she
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