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Входная контрольная работа по английскому языку 6 класс ФГОС Школа России
I.Match the words.

(to) read

(to) send

(to) do

(to) decorate

(to) shake

b) Complete the sentences with the word combinations.

1. When the friends meet, they________________________.

2. When will you_________________________? — On Christmas Eve. We bought new colourful balls yesterday.

3. Do you____________ any___________? — Yes, I like running and riding my bike.

4. In December people_________________________to their friends to congratulate Year New and Christmas.

II.Compete the sentences.

1. His collection consists…coins different countries

a) from b) of c) in...

2. There is a large skating rink… the centre of the park every winter.

a) in b) at c) to

3. ... the 25th of December the British people celebrate Christmas,

a) In b) At c) On

4. What holiday do they have ... October? Halloween,

a) in b) at c) on

5. After Oxford the friends left ... London, didn’t they.

a) to b) for c) in

6. The old man came into the room, took ... his coat and sat in the armchair.

a) off b) down c) out

III. Complete the text.

Use: writes, another, decorate, stocking, special, full, her

My sister, Ann, is only five. Christmas is Ann's favourite holiday. On the 1st of December she

a letter to Santa Claus. Ann can't write, so I help .___________with the letter. On Christmas Eve we____________the Christmas tree with coloured balls. Ann puts a big_____________ at the foot of her bed. She leaves a____________meal for Santa in the kitchen: a glass of milk and a plate of biscuits. There is also —_________present for Santa — Ann's picture. Last year Ann's stocking was under the Christmas tree.

IV. Complete the sentences. Fill in: am, is, are.

1. Where is Ann? --In the living room. She_____arranging flowers in the vase.

2. Why_____William crying? --He can't find his ball.

3. What_____you doing? — Sh-sh! It's a surprise.

4. The children ---- decorating the room for the New Year party. Will you help them?

5. Who--- singing? — My sister.

IV.Make up sentences.

1. the / doing / now / What / are / students / ? — _________________________________

2. Kerry / cake / Christmas / making / is /.— _____________________

3. now / not / doing / They / are / homework / their /.—

4. it / Is / snowing / now / ? - ____________________

5. he / Why / reading / is / book / that / ?

V. Complete the dialogue. Use the Present Simple and the Present Continuous.

Betty: Oh, what a funny photo! When did you take it?

Ben: Last year, at my school's New Year Eve party. Betty: Who is playing the guitar? (play)

Ben: Duncan. He often____________the guitar at the parties, (play) He can play the guitar

very well.

Betty: What____________the girls____________? (do)

Ben: They____________an old English song, (sing) The girls perform in our School

Theatre. Look! Jim and Ann____________. (dance) They are good dancers.

They____________in our School Dancing Club, (dance)

Betty: I see. And what do you do after classes?

Ben: I like taking photos. Do you like my photo? Betty: It's great.
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