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Входная контрольная работа по английскому языку 10 класс ФГОС Школа России
Fill in the correct word


“Tina, here is the 10 pounds I _____________you. “ “Thank you very much.”
I never go to this restaurant because they always ________________ us more than they should.
“How much does Kate _____________ from her job?”
“Do you manage to ____________ any money or do you spend it all?”
“Can you ______________ me some money? I’m broke!” (max 10)

Circle the correct preposition.

Ian has taken in/up tennis.
Why don’t you take off/out tour coat?
On her birthday I took my sister over/out to an expensive restaurant.
Your daughter has taken off/after you. You are so alike.
I think you need to take these trousers in/out; they’re very loose on you. (max 5)

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form: -ing form, to-infinitive or infinitive without to

Please, remind me _____________ (return) the DVD to the video club.
My mother made me _______________ (clean) my room today.
Would you like ________________ (go) shopping tomorrow?
I don’t mind ______________(watch) this film again.
Let me __________________ (help) you with these bags.
Jane hates _________________(take) the car to the garage.
I can’t wait _________________ (hear) your news.
Kate must ____________________ (see) a doctor as soon as possible.
Rick and Diane enjoy ______________ (do) extreme sports.
I’m looking forward to _______________ (travel) to South America next week. (max 5)

Match the words/phrases in column A with the words from column B

Column A Column B

1 student _______ A loan

2 pocket _______ B spree

3 household ______ C job

4 shopping ______ D money

5 weekend ______ E chores (max 5)

Choose the correct answer A, B or C

Helen is ______ to win the race.

A determined B outgoing C reserved

James writes children’s books; he’s very ______.

A brave B active C creative

Ian makes friends very easily; he’s so _______.

A sensitive B sociable C shy

Jake loves doing extreme sports; he’s very ______.

A boring B adventurous C cautious

Dave dreams of becoming president one day; he’s extremely ______.

A imaginative B brave C ambitious (max 15)

Write your answer. (25-35 words)

You need to go out for a while. Leave a note for your brother.

Write where you are going;
Write when you’ll be back;
Remind him to feed the goldfish.

(max 5)


1. Owe 2. Charge 3. Earn 4. Save 5. Lend.
1. Up 2. Off 3. Out 4. After 5. In.
1. To return 2. Clean 3. To go 4. Watching 5. Help 6. Taking 7. To hear 8. See 9. Doing 10. Travelling
1 A 2D 3E 4B 5C
1A 2C 3B 4B 5C
Suggested Answer

Gone skateboarding. Back by 7. Don’t forget to feed the goldfish.
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