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Школьная олимпиада по английскому языку 7 класс
LISTENING (10 min)

Прослушай текст (2 раза) и выбери правильный вариант из 4-х предложенных (A, B, C или D):

1.Victoria Station Lost Property Department was closed ... .

А)on Thursday cool when Alan called

C) in the evening D) at a quarter to seven

2.Alan Davis called to ... .

A) see his bag cool introduce himself

C) say he had a training

D) ask if someone had found his bag

3.Alan Davis left his sports bag ... .

A) on the platform cool in Richmond

C) on the train D) at the stadium

4.Alan Davis left his sports bag because he ... .

A) was in a hurry cool was sleepy

C) was hungry D) had dirty clothes in it

5.The sports bag had stripes ... .

A) down one side cool up one side

C) on both sides D) near the handles

6.There was ... on the bag.

A) no zip cool a red zip

C) a dark blue zip D) a zip with white stripes

.Alan was ... that there was the key ring on the bag.

A) happy cool astonished

C) surprised D) not sure

8.The key ring was attached to ... .

A) the zip cool the handles

C) both handles D) one of the handles

9.Alan Davis asked to ... .

A) give him his bag cool call him

C) wash his clothes D) send an email

10.His telephone number was ... .

A)0345129787 B)0341527987

C)0341529787 D)0341527897


1.Прочитай предложения и выбери правильный вариант

The first amusement parks appeared near busy beaches in the USA. People … (11) visit them from as early as the 1800’s. When Walt Disney created the first “theme” park in the world he . (12) that it would be popular. It certainly was. He … (13) it in 1955 in California and it still … (14) many tourists to the USA today. In fact the park was so successful that similar parks soon … (15) in other cities of the USA as well as in Tokyo (1983) and in Paris (1992). They are not only the places … (16) people have fun, there is also a lot they can . (17) A day out at an amusement park on a sunny day … (18) always a good idea. People of all ages visit these parks … (19) relax and enjoy their free time. One day there … (20) a Disney theme park in every country of the world!

11. A) used to cool used C) use to D) were used to

12. A) hoped cool is hoping C) has hoped D) were hoping

13. a) build cool built C) has built D) had built

14. a) bring cool brought C) brings D) has brought

15. A) opened cool will open C) would open D) have opened

16. A) that cool where C) when D) who

17. a) learn cool to learn C) learning D) learned

18. A) was cool are C) is D) will

19. a) so that cool in case C) in order D) to

20. A) is cool be C) will be D) going to be

2.Выбери правильный ответ на вопрос

21.What were you doing when the doorbell rang?

A) I was feeding the dog. cool I fed the dog.

C) I feeded the dog. D) I am feeding the dog.

22.Did you use to have piano lessons?

A) Yes, I do. cool Yes, I did. C) Yes, I have. D) Yes, I had.

23.Do you know who broke my skateboard?

A) It isn’t me. cool It isn’t I.

C) No, thanks. D) It wasn’t me.

24.When did he go home?

A) Two hours ago. cool In two hour’s.

C) In two hours’ time. D) For two hours.

25.Can he play the violin?

A) Yes, he can play on it B)No, he can’t play on it.

C) Yes, but not very well. D)No, he can play on the piano.

26.Shall we go to the park tomorrow?

A) Yes, we should to. cool Yes, we are going.

C) The park is beautiful. D) It depends on the weather.

27.Do you mind my opening the window?

A) Yes, here you are. cool Yes, I don’t.

c) No, I don’t.D) With pleasure.

28.How long does it take to get to the airport?

A) He takes a taxi. cool He gets there by taxi.

C) Less than an hour. D) It’s a long way.

29.How long did your exam last?

A) Yes, it’s my last exam. cool It lasted three hours.

C) It lasts three hours. D) It will last three hours.

30.He broke his leg yesterday.

А)He should be more attentive.

B)He should have been more attentive.

C)He was attentive.

D)He was disattentive.

READING (15 min)

Прочитай письмо и выполни задания

Dear Ann,

Thank you for asking me to come and visit you and your family next month. It is a great idea.

I am really interested in visiting new places. I like museums and old churches very much. I also like visiting art galleries – there are so many fascinating things to see there. I know there is one in your town. Can we visit it? You say that there isn’t a sports centre in your town but is there a swimming pool? I enjoy swimming a lot and I love diving. Is there also a place to eat fish and chips? Fish and chip shops are great!

The only problem is that I don’t know what to take with me: warm shoes, a jumper, boots? What’s the weather like in your area? In my town it rains a lot and that’s why I always carry an umbrella with me. And what about other things? For example, a camera?

Please send me a leaflet about your town and a street map.

One last question – how old is your sister, Gina? I want to bring her a present. Would she like the new Destiny’s Child CD?

See you soon!


1 Read the letter and decide if the statements are true (T) or false (F)

31 Josephine likes going places.

32 Josephine is interested in visiting old churches.

33 There is a big sports centre in Ann’s town.

34 Josephine wants to buy Ann a Destiny’s Child CD.

35 Josephine’s hobbies are swimming and diving.

2 Read the letter again and decide which answer is correct, a, b or c.

36 Josephine wants

a to visit Ann’s family next week.

b Ann to visit her next month.

c to come and see Ann next month.

37 In Ann’s town, there is

a a sports centre.

b an art gallery.

c a swimming pool.

38 Josephine likes

a fish and chips.

b rainy weather.

c Destiny’s Child.

39 Josephine wants to know

a what to take on her trip.

b if Ann likes museums and old churches.

c how old Ann is.

40 Josephine wants to bring Gina

a an umbrella.

b a camera.

c a CD.

WRITING (20 min) – 20 points

Write a postcard to your friend (60-80 words). Tell your friend about your summer holidays, where you went and what you did in summer. Ask him/her about the impressions of the summer holidays.
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