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Олимпиада по английскому языку 9 класс с ответами фгос
Task 1. In each of the following paragraphs, there is one sentence which must be omitted because it destroys paragraph unity in one way or another. So for questions 1-5 mark the sentence which must be omitted to make the paragraph unified and coherent.

1 A. Growing numbers of critics are demanding that research in nuclear power come to a halt.

B. The critics maintain that nuclear power plants have not developed sufficient safeguards against mechanical failures.

C. Those opposed to continued research insist that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), which was formed to supervise research in nuclear power, is actually biased in favour of the production of nuclear power.

D. NRC safety requirements are quite stringent.

E. Those opposed to the use of nuclear power maintain that research will cost billions.

2 A. English is now almost an international language.

B. It is spoken by pilots and airport control operators on all the airways of the world.

C. However, it takes years to master this international language.

D. More than 70 per cent of the world’s mail is written in English, and in international business English is used more than any other language.

E. Moreover, all the major international conferences are conducted in English.

3 A. Substances that exist in one state of matter will under certain conditions change into another state.

B. Substances are found in three states.

C. Thus, ice can be melted and water can be frozen.

D. Dry ice changes to a gas when it is heated.

E. Rubbing alcohol and nail polish also change to a gas and evaporate from open bottles.

4 A. For most people, the distinction between vegetables and fruits is fairly clear.

B. Scientists, however, have varied opinions in this regard.

C. For example, horticulturists categorize a watermelon as a vegetable despite its general acceptance as a fruit.

D. These differences stem from the ways fruits and vegetables are classified.

E. Botanists identify a tomato as a fruit even though it is commonly used as a vegetable.

5 A. Plant breeders’ main aims are the same throughout the world.

B. Apart from evolving varieties with higher yield potentials, the usual main objectives are greater cultural reliability, greater resistance to diseases and pests, adaptation to the special requirements of different types of cultural practices, and improvement of quality, both nutritional and industrial.

C. Most of the scientific methods developed are equally applicable everywhere.

D. In fact, plant breeding work is already in progress in most developing countries, and has been begun in some instances by local workers on their own initiative, or with the assistance of international bodies such as FAO.

E. The destruction of tropical forests should be stopped; otherwise many species of plants will be lost forever.

Task 2. For questions 6-10 choose the alternative which most logically completes the given sentence.

6 Jake’s parents had promised to buy him a camera if his grades were good. Yet, ________ .

A his grades were good, so they bought him a new camera.

B his grades were good. Consequently, they are going to buy him a new camera.

C his grades were not good. Consequently, they are not going to buy him a new camera.

D his grades were poor. He is confident that they are still going to buy him a new camera.

7 While conceding the importance of freedom of speech, _______________ .

A freedom of expression is crucial.

B thus, many people attach great importance to it.

C I believe it must be exercised with sensitivity and responsibility.

D I think it is the essence of democracy.

8 Despite the shortage of steel, _________________ .

A a sharp fall has been observed in industrial output.

B no increase can be made in industrial output without adequate supplies of steel.

C industry has been adversely affected.

D industrial output has increased by 5 per cent.

9 The student failed to get any of the jobs that he wanted. There were several reasons for his lack of success. First, he had little experience in the type of work which he wanted to do. ___________ .

A Also, he was able to give some evidence of an ability to learn quickly.

B Moreover, his qualifications were satisfactory.

C In addition, he lacked the necessary training.

D Besides, his university grades were all excellent.

10 For anthropologists, culture refers to the various aspects of life, that is ______________ .

A it refers to the quality we acquire by attending a sufficient number of plays and reading several books.

B every society has its own culture, no matter how simple.

C it includes the behaviour, beliefs and attitudes of a society or population.

D we share our customary behaviour and attitude with other people in the society.
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