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Олимпиада по английскому языку 9 класс с ответами 2016 фгос
I c, k, ck, or, ch for [k]? Complete the words by spelling the sound [k].

statisti_ inspe_tor pani_ athleti_ally

che_ heada_e basi_ tru_

_ustoms wal_ mista_e terrifi_

_riti_al traffi_ lu_ basi_ally

musi_al drin_ _ids chi_en

I I Choose the correct answer.

A a B the C an D no article

1.He is a tall and____strong man with short dark hair and a straight nose.

2.He likes to spend his spare time at____home with his family.

3.This woman is____slim.

4.She is fond of knitting and makes___beautiful clothes for us.

5.Her ambition is to be___actress.

6.When we meet in___evening there is no end of talking about our life.

7.I like to have___shower in the morning.

8.For___breakfast I usually have a cup of coffee.

9.Sometimes I have___oatmeal.

10.I live near my Lyceum so I went there on___foot.

11.At noon we used to have___lunch break.

12.He usually has a hot dog with___juice or some vegetables for supper.

13.After dinner he used to have___short rest.

14.He’ll go to___bed at half past eleven.

15.I always relax on my___day-off.

III Choose the correct answer.

1. Do you know English_________Russian?

A better B as good as

C as well as D worse

2. Why do you get up_______you have to do on week days?

A more early B as early as

C not early as D less early as

3. This English book is too easy for me. Please, give me______difficult one.

A a more B the more

C not so as D less than

4. My brother knows French much better than I do it. I’d like to know this language______my brother.

A as bad as B as well as

C better D more than

5. This lunch was______as it was yesterday.

A not tasty B not so tasty

C not so deliciously D more tasty than

6. People can be_______animals.

A not so beastly as B more beastly

C as beastly as D the most beastly than

7. I’m as_____.

A poor as him B poor as he is

C poor than he is D poor as him is

8. It’s_____yesterday.

A not cold as B not so cold than

C cold as D not so cold as

9. This chair is_____that one.

A heavier than B havyer than

C more heavy D better

10. He wants to buy______radio.

A not so expensive as B as expensive as

C most expensive D a more expensive

11.Have you ever seen anything______?

A most impressive B more impressive

C not so impressive D as much as impressive

12. What was______thing to do?

A the most unpleasant B the worst unpleasant

C so unpleasant than D least unpleasant

13. It’s______that.

A the simplest than B not as simple as

C much simpler than D the most simpler than

IV Choose the correct answer.

1. “Everybody laughed____Marrymind’s bargain except his mother, who was a very kindly woman”.

A with B over

C at D on

2. He succeeded_____reaching home before the rain started.

A of B in

C at D with

3. How much did you pay____that suit?

A for B by

C with D of

4. The Queen travels____Buckingham Palace____the Houses of Parliament___a gold carriage-the Irish State Coach.

A from,to,in B out of,to,in

C from,in,by D from,to,by

5.When I was a little girl my mother always covered me____my blanket.

A of B in

C with D by

6. John has learned two sonnets___Shakespeare____this month.

A of, on B of, at

C by, no preposition D by, in

7. I was the only pupil who could answer____the teacher’s question today.

A of B with

C on D no preposition

8. There is a tradition that children should put a long sock called a Christmas stocking____the end of their bed or hang it____the fireplace so that Santa Claus will fill it___presents.

A at,by,with B in,by,with

C at,in,by D at,by,by

9. His ideas are different____mine.

A from B of

C on D with

10. You can rely___me to help you.

A of B no preposition

C by D on

11. “What do you complain____?” asked the doctor.

A with B no preposition

C on D of

12. Wait___me.I’ll be back___a few minutes.

A no preposition, at B for, at

C for, in D no preposition, in

13. I shall listen____you very attentively and answer___your questions.

A no prepositions B to, no preposition

C to, on D no preposition, on

14. We tried to speak____him but he did not want to listen____us.He didn’t even look___us.

A with,no preposition,at B to,to,at

C to,to,on D with,to,at

15. Turn____the corner of the house and look____the flowers grown____my mother.They are beautiful!

A no preposition,at,by B at,at,by

C no preposition,through,of D round,on,of

V Express the same using the following words.

beautiful listen step commanded upper

dependence mimed

appliance dolls necklace lamb nannies

Attractive to look at.
Top part – of a shoe perhaps.
Women employed to look after young children.
Baby sheep.
Ordered or led.
Apparatus for a particular purpose.
Uses one’s ears.
A pace of stair.
The state of being reliant upon something or someone.
Girl’s playthings.
Chains or beads worn for decoration round the throat.
Acted without dialogue.

VI Test your vocabulary. Complete these sentences by using the correct words from the box.Use each word once only.

Personal Computer

station array individual functions

background personal computer to provide interface

The first (1)________was put on the market in 1975.

Today the personal computer can serve as a work (2)________for the (3)______.Moreover,just as it has become financially feasible (4)_______a computer for the individual worker, so also technical developments have made the (5)_________between man and machine increasingly “friendly” , so that a wide (6)________ of computer (7)________are now accessible to people with no technical(8)________.

personal metering processor different controlling

disposal microcomputer based on

A personal computer is a small computer(9)_______a microprocessor ; it is a (10)_____.

Not all microcomputers, however, are (11)________computers. A microcomputer can be dedicated to a single task such as (12)_______a machine tool or (13)________the injection of fuel into an automobile engine ; it can be a word (14)______,a video game or a “pocket computer” that is not quite a computer. A personal computer is something (15)______: a stand-alone computer that puts a wide array of capabilities at the (16)________of an individual.

VII Give Russian equivalents to the following English proverbs.

Still waters run deep.
Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched.
Every cloud has a silver lining.
Too many cooks spoil the broth.
A man can die but once.
It’s no use crying over spilt milk.
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