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Олимпиада по английскому языку 9 класс с ответами
Read the text and fill in the gapes choosing the right option. (11 points)

It was in 1947, and Jean and Tom were going to get married. But after the Second World War it was very difficult …....A….., new clothes in Britain. "Do not worry", Jean s dad …..В….. to Tom." You can …C…my suit". "What shall I wear?" thought Jean. She …..D….. and advertisement in her favourite magazine, "Picture-goer" ."British Film Studios three-day wedding hire services". They hired out dresses from films. She ……E….. three pounds before the war, and it was enough. Jean ……F….. in the form given them the size. The dress …...G….... in time. It was beautiful, and Jean ……H…... perfect in it. Their wedding day was wonderful. Now they have been married for 55 years. They always …...I….., the old films now, because who …..J….. - they might see someone …...K…... Jean’s dress.

A. 1) buying 2) buy 3) to buy 4) bought

B. 1) said 2) was saying 3) says 4) has said

C. 1) take 2) to take 3) be taking 4) have taken

D. 1) had remembered 2) remembers 3) has remembered 4) remembered

E. 1) saved 2) has saved 3) had saved 4) have saved

F. 1) filled 2) has filled 3) had filled 4) was filled

G. 1) has arrived 2) had arrived 3) arrives 4) arrived

H. 1) had looked 2) looked 3) was looking 4) has looked

I. 1) have watched 2) watched 3) were watching 4) had watched

J. 1) knew 2) is known 3) know 4) knows

K. 1) wearing 2) wear 3) wears 4) wore

(___) 11

Match these English proverbs to their Russian equivalents (5 points)

Honey is sweet, but the bee stings.

Недоученный хуже неученого.

A cat in gloves catches no mice.

Мотовство до добра не доведет.

Better untaught than ill taught.

Поздно пришел, кости нашел.

First come, first served.

Без труда не вытащишь и рыбки из пруда.

Waste not, want not.

Видит око, да зуб неймет.

(___) 5

3. Choose the right variant (25 points)

1. We saw her _____________ the door behind her.

a. to come in and close b. come in and close

c. came in and closed d. having come and closed

2. The work has to be done in ____________ possible time.

a. the least b. least c. the less d. less

3. I asked the hotel service if I __________ have a cup of coffee in my room.

a. could b. may c. can to d. will be able

4. Your car looks very clean. _______________

a. Did you washed it? b. Had it been washed ?

c. Have you washed it? d. Have you wash it?

5. They asked him what _________________ .

a. he wants b. does he want c. did he want d. he wanted.

6. She ______________ something to me and then disappeared.

a. whispering b. has whispered c. was whispering d. whispered

7. You’ll understand when you _____________ older and wiser.

a. getting b. are c. will be d. will become

8. _____________, can we discuss our plans for the summer now?

a. To the way b. On the way c. By the way d. In the way

9. .It _____________ half an hour to get there.

a. will take you b. is take you c. take you d. will be take you

10. She didn’t let her __________ in the children’s room.

a. to smoke b. that she smoke c. smoking d. smoke

11. Where ______________ when I met you?

a. did you run b. were you running

c. had you run d. were you run

12. I ______________ new windows next week.

a. have putted in b. am putting in c. have put in d. puts in

13. Would you mind ____________ the TV down?

a. turning b. to turn c. turn d. will turn

14. The money _______ not enough to pay the bill.

a. were b. has c. was d. are

15. “Can I help you?” “I’d like a __________ of milk, please.”

a. box b. pot c. rasher d. carton

16. Don’t phone me tomorrow, I _________ in the garden all day.

a. will be working b. would working

c. work d. will have been working

17. At last I am in London. The weather is nasty. It ____________ now.

a. is rain b. rains c. has been raining d. is raining

18. Do they sell _______________ clothes here?

a. children’s b. childrens’ c. childrens’s d. childrens

19. __________of the two pictures do you prefer?

a. What b. Who c. That d. Which

20. If you don’t study for your exams, you won’t __________ progress.

a. do b. make c. happen d. perform

21. Our live would be difficult without ________ electricity.

a. an b. a c. − d. the

22. Jane has got a pet, ___________ ?

a. doesn’t she b. has she c. hasn’t she d. hasn’t Jane

23. While I was on holiday, my camera _______________ from my hotel room.

a. steal b. was stolen c. stole d. was stealing

24. Take your raincoat. ___________looks as if it’s going to rain.

a. Else b. There c. It d. Here

25. Tom gets a higher salary now. He ____________.

a. has been promoted b. will promote c. is promoting d. promotes.

(___) 25

4. Read the text

A) put the extracts in the right order (5 points)

cool guess the title of the text (1 point)

__RO__N __O__F

(after Jack London)

At the end of the week Smith tied a metal plate to the dog with the words „Please, return to Smith, Ellen, California“, and set the dog free. He disappeared again. This time he was sent back by the train, was tied up for three days, was set free on the fourth day and disappeared again. As soon as he received his freedom, he always ran north. The dog always came back hungry and weak and always ran away fresh and strong. At last the dog decided to stay with Smiths, but a long time passed before they could touch him. They called the dog „Wolf“.

For some time Wolf watched the man. He waited for him to return. Then he ran after the man, caught his hand between his teeth and tried to stop him. The man did not stop. Then the dog ran back to where Smith and his wife sat. He tried to drag smith after the stranger. The dog wanted to be at the same time with the old master and the new one. The stranger disappeared The dog lay down at the feet of Smith. Mary was happy. A few minutes later the dog got up and ran after the old master. He never turned his head. Faster and faster the dog ran along the road and in few minutes he was gone.

One summer day a stranger came to the place where Smith and his wife lived. As soon as the dog saw him, he ran to the stranger and licked his hands with tongue. Then the stranger said, „His name isn’t Wolf. It’s Brown. He was my dog.“ „Oh,“ cried Mary, „you are not going to take him away with you? Leave him here, he is happy.“

The stranger then said „His mother died and I brought him up on condensed milk. He never knew any mother but me. Do you think he wants to stay with you?“ „I am sure of it.“ „Well,“ said the stranger. „He must decide it himself. I’ll say goodbye and go away. If he wants to stay, let him stay. If he wants to come with me, let him come. I will not call him to come.“

E) One day John Smith and his wife Mary found a dog. He was a very wild and strange dog, The dog was weak and hungry, but he did not let them touch him and ate the food they gave him when they went away. When the dog was strong again, he disappeared. A few months later, when Smith was in train, he saw his fog. The dog was running along the road. Smith got off the train at the next station, bought a piece of meat, caught the dog and brought him home again. There he was tied for a week.


(___) 6

WORDSEARCH ( the last letter of the word is the first of the next one) (7 points)

The opposite of “sit” -
To control a car -
When do you get up to go to school? –
A small ship -
Here, antonym –
A planet –
One of the most important organs of the human body -








( из выделенных букв составьте слово)

(___) 7

Writing. Personal letter. (10 points)

You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen friend Jennifer who writes

In your previous letter you told me that you joined your English lessons at school. Is it difficult for you to study English? What other languages do you learn?

Besides my English I am fond of French…

Write a letter to Jennifer. In your letter

answer her question
tell her about your English lessons and your studying English
ask 3-5 questions about her studying French and other languages


Write 100-140 words. Remember the rules of letter writing.
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