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Олимпиада по английскому языку 7 класс с ответами школьный этап
George Orwell was born in India in 1903. When he was four years old, his mother took him and his sister back to England but his father stayed in India.

In England, the young boy had a private teacher but it was difficult for his parents to find the money to pay for it. He was lucky later -when he was thirteen he won a scholarship to Eton College but he was not a very good student.

He always thought of becoming a writer. When he was eleven, he wrote a poem about World War I. This poem was very good and it appeared in the local newspaper.

George had a difficult but interesting life. For a long time he couldn't find a well-paid job. He lived in Paris and London but he didn't have much money and he had to stay in poor parts of these cities. In London he even lived in the street for some time. These years helped him to write his first book called Down and Out in Paris and London, published in 1933. In 1936 George went to Spain to write for newspapers about the Civil War. Three years later he wanted to join the army to fight in World War II but he was very ill and couldn't become a soldier. He decided to work for the BBC and in 1945 he published Animal Farm. After the war he moved to Scotland where he wrote his final book, Nineteen Eighty-Four.

He died in London in 1950. He was only forty-seven.

1. Read the text about George Orwell and decide which answer is correct, a, b or c

1 Where is George Orwell's place of birth?

a England

b India

с Spain

2 Where did he study when he was thirteen?

a at a private school

b at home

с at a college

3 What did he want to be?
a an author

b a soldier

с a teacher

4 Why didn't he join the army during World War II?

a Because he moved to Scotland,

b Because he got ill.

с Because he was busy with his final book.

5 What happened in 1945?

a Orwell published his first poem.

b People could read Orwell's Animal Farm.

с Orwell wrote his first articles about the Civil War in Spain.

2. Read the text again and decide if the statements are true (T) or false (F).

George Orwell had one sister. [ ]
In 1907 he returned to England with his mother and father. [ ]
As a child he wrote a book about World War I. [ ]
He lived in poor parts of London and Paris. [ ]
He wrote Nineteen Eighty-Four in Spain. [ ]

Task 1. Выпишите лишнее слово из каждой строчки.

Forest, river, ocean, see, lake, sea, field.
Tell, speak, say, talk, cry, pronounce, listen.
Aunt, niece, uncle, sister, mother, granny.
Swim, run, read, climb, jump, skate, ski.
Warm, windy, rainy, cold, clever, snowy.

Task 2. Все эти слова заканчиваются на «all». Допишите слова с учётом подсказки. Например, the «all» which comes through the telephone – «call».

the «all» which is high
the «all» which is little
the «all» which is round
the «all» which is in every building or house
the «all» which goes down

Read the texts and choose the correct form.

Six little words

There 1 (is, are, was) six little words

That can help you a lot

When you hurt 2 (your, you, yours) friend

On purpose or not.

So 3 (say, says, said) the six words,

Don’t 4 (to wait, wait, waiting) too long!

If you’ve hurt your friend

Say, “I 5 (is, am, are) sorry. I was wrong”.

A different language

I met a little girl,

Who came from 6 (another, others) land.

I 7 (couldn’t, can’t) speak her language,

But I 8 (take, takes, took) her by the hand.

We danced together,

Had 9 (much, many) fun,

10 (Dancing, To dance, Dances) is the language

You can speak with anyone.

You are on holiday. You’ve got a postcard from your friend and are going to write your holiday postcard to him. Write about:

where you’re spending your holiday,
where you’re staying and what you’re doing,
who you are with on holiday.


5 August

Dear Andy,

It’s great there. The weather is brilliant and there are things to do every day. The hotel is fantastic. It has got a swimming pool and four tennis courts. It’s got a great beach – I’m sitting there now. My dad and I go divining and windsurfing in the morning. Sometimes we go sailing, too. There are also a lot of fantastic plants and tropical birds there. Well, it’s getting very hot here – time for a swim! See you soon!


P.S. There’s music and dancing every night on the beach!

Andy Simpson,

29 Fairfield St,

Colchester, CO4 2HJ


Write 50-80 words. Remember the rules for writing letters.
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