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Олимпиада по английскому языку 10 класс задания и ответы

Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

Ancient fierce heal hut mark primitive slave unique

The tattoos might look similar, but each one is _____________ .
The cut on this face took many days to ___________________ .
The earliest humans lived in ______________ societies that did not know about agriculture.
Plato’s philosophy is written in a(n) _______________ language.
A tattoo is a(n) _____________ on the skin made with a needle and ink.
A(n) ______________ was someone who could be bought and sold.
There is a simple wooden __________ on the mountain where climbers can stay if the weather is bad.
The dog sounds _________ when he barks, but really it is gentle.









Read the following passage about tattoos and then answer the questions.

The functions of tattoos

Throughout history tattoos have been used in different ways and have had different meanings. In ancient Rome, for instance, tattoos were used to identify criminals. In parts of northern India it is still common for tattoos to be used to prevent disease and protect against the evil eye. In the native peoples of North America, tattoos were statements about which family or tribe a person belonged to. And in northern Japan, a tattoo around the lips was used to exaggerate their size and make women more attractive.

Among the Maoris of new Zealand, men had to have their faces covered with black spirals in order to be respected as the fierce warriors that Maori men were supposed to be. Although it was a painful process, as a sign of bravery Maori men didn’t react when being tattooed. With the exception of slaves, all men had facial tattoos, while women had marking on other parts of their bodies.

Unlike other primitive cultures, the Maoris did not decorate their faces by hitting the back of a sharp comb. To do what they called moko, they cut lines right through the skin and put ink in the cuts. The decoration, which was always unique, started in adolescence and, until the cuts of the first pattern had healed, the young man had to remain hidden in a special moko hut. In following years, the design was added to and, to look its best, each hair of the beard had to be plucked.

According to the passage, in which part of the world did tattoos have a magical purpose?

New Zealand
Northern India
North America

What was the purpose of moko?

to protect against the evil eye
to make the enemy afraid
to make someone look more beautiful
to show a person’s family identity

According to the passage, who wouldn’t have had tattoos on their faces?

Maori women
Japanese women
Roman slaves
native Americans

What do we know about moko designs?

They were all different.
They were red and black.
They only had straight lines.
They showed animal figures.

What was needed to improve the appearance of the Maori moko?

to change the colour of the hair
to practice facial expressions
to stay in hut
remove hair from the face.

The main purpose of the passage is

to show why different people had tattoos
to warn us about which Maoris to respect
to inform us about how moko is carried out.
to show that slaves and criminals were treated differently.








For questions 1-8, complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. Use between two and five words, including the word given.

Is this your laptop or your sister’s?


___________________________ to you or your sister?

It is not unusual for Cole to work late. It happens often.


Cole _______________________ late.

Did you get an invitation to the party this weekend?


__________________________ the party this weekend?

I don’t like the taste of this bread.


This bread _______________________

After one hour of studying, Carla’s mobile phone rang.


Carla _________________________ an hour when her mobile phone rang.

I’ve never played a better game than this!


This is ____________________ ever played.

Samuel doesn’t work nearly as hard as Seb.


Seb _______________________ Samuel.

Miriam’s last detention was in January.


Miriam hasn’t ______________________ January.

Complete the text using the correct form of the words in bold. Use the particle to before an infinitive when this is necessary

Weather control

Forecasts might warn (1) ______ about threats posed by the weather, but WE

imagine if we (2) _______ take control of the weather and prevent CAN

dangerous weather conditions in the (3) _______ place. ONE

Controlling the weather may be the (4) ______ technological challenge BIG

we face. For a long time, scientists have dreamed of (5) _______ CREATE

artificial clouds in order (6) ________ rain to areas hit by drought, but it’s BRING

much harder (7) _______ than they expected. The global weather system DO

is very complicated, with each part (8) _______ an effect on all the others. HAVE

The scientists may feel they are wasting (9) ______ time, but success THEY

could save millions of (10) _______ . LIFE












Match each statement on the left with the most likely response on the right

I’ve got itchy feet. a) Oh dear, I hope he’s OK tomorrow.
He is as right as rain now. b) Yes, she’ll soon get it over.
He is not right in the head. c) Where would you like to go?
I’m going to tell him what I think of him. d) That is a relief!
Dad’s a bit off-colour today. e) Good. Give him a dose of his own medicine.
Failing the exam was a bitter pill f) I know, Jane told me he was off his rocker.

to swallow.
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