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Контрольная работа по английскому языку 6 класс в начале года
I. Listening

Listen to the text Charlie Chaplin and mark if the statement is true(T) or false(F)

*silent cinema – немое кино

*satire – сатира

*a special Oscar – специальный приз «Оскар» за успехи в области кинематографии


1. Charlie Chaplin was born in the United States in the 19th century.

2. Charlie Chaplin was born in the family of music- hall actors.

3. Charlie left England for the USA when he was 24.

4. Charlie became a well- known clown in music- halls.

5. It took Charlie Chaplin eleven years to become a very famous star.

6. People of different cultures couldn’t understand Chaplin’s jokes and characters.

7. The 1920s were the golden age of “talking” cinema.

8. The character of “the little fellow” created by Charlie Chaplin became a world famous.

II Lexical test

1) Match the words with their definitions.

1. holidaymaker

2. connect

3. waterfall

4. rest

5. birthplace

6. attract

7. hedge

8. plain

9. valley

10. meadow

a. what is left after everything else has been used, etc.

b. an area of land between two lines of hills or two mountains, usually with a river flowing through it.

c. someone who has travelled to another place for a holiday.

d. to join two or more things together.

e. to make someone interested in something, or make them want to take part in something.

f. water that falls straight down over a cliff or a big rock.

g. arrow of small bushes or trees growing close together, usually dividing one field or garden from another.

h. a place where someone was born, especially someone famous.

i. a field with wild grass and flowers.

j. a large area of flat dry land.

2) Use the word in brackets at the end of each sentence to form the word that fits in the space provided in each sentence.

1. London and Paris are …..by the railway line. (connect)

2. The Tower of London is one of the London’s most popular tourist ……….(attract)

3. What …….is the table – round or square?(shaped)

4. Moscow is the …..of Alexander Pushkin.(birth)

5. He found the atmosphere of the school…….. .(excite)

III Grammar test

1) Choose the right word to complete the sentences.

1. Let me tell you a long (forgetting\ forgotten) story.

2. “Go and catch a (falling\fallen) star…”

3. The two banks of the river are(connecting\ connected) by a bridge.

4. (Watering\ Watered) by Jane, the flowers looked much fresher.

5. It has been the best game ever (playing\ played) by this football team.

2) Use it’s or its to complete the sentences.

1. What’s a plain? - __ a big area of flat land.

2. The scenery of this part of the country is famous for ____beauty.

3. All I can tell you about the new house is that ____very attractive.

4. Have you ever seen a seahorse? ____shape is very unusual.

5. France is a big country. How can you describe ____position in Europe?

3) Express the same using passive constructions.

Example: Children read these books in all the schools of the country. – These books are read (by children) in all the schools of the country.

1. They speak English and French in Canada.

2. People invented surfing a very long time ago.

3. They gathered the harvest in October.

4. We will tell you the results the test.

5. They will play ten matches next season.

4) Complete the sentences. Use the words in brackets.

1. I will go to the country only if the weather (change).

2. I’ll tell you all I know about air pollution if you (ask) me.

3. We’ll decide where to go for the weekend after we (hear) the forecast.

4. The wildlife will survive if people (take care) of it.

5. Their journey can be safe if they (go) by bus.

IV Reading.

Read the text and write which of the statements after the text are true(T) or false(F)

The English Castles.

One of the few places where kings and lords in the Middle Ages could feel safe was behind the thick stone walls of the castles. There, they and their men could fight off attacks by bandits and sit out long sieges by invading armies. As castles developed, they became larger and more comfortable. A wall-walk ran right around the top, and through each tower. Soldiers could run from point of attack to another without ever showing themselves to their enemies. Castles had rounded towers and square towers and served a dual purpose: any castle was always both a fortress and a private residence, a home, to the king and lord, members of the family and their servants. In practice the castle had other functions too because it was the centre of local administration. There was usually at least one chapel, a prison, a treasury and an armoury there.

There are many castles all over Britain. One of them, Windsor Castle, is one of the Queen’s official residences. It is situated in Windsor, a town in South England on the River Thames.

1. Kings and lords felt safe in their castles.

2. Castles had high thick walls.

3. As time passed castles grew more comfortable.

4. All English castles had square towers.

5. Any castle was both a fortress and a home.

6. Windsor Castle is in the south of London.
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