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Дистанционная олимпиада по английскому языку 9 класс
Do the following statements agree with the information given in the text?

Tick (√) TRUE if the statement agrees with the information or FALSE if the statement disagrees with the information.

Global call Communications

Global call Communications has grown from a telecommunications solutions provider for local businesses in the greater Seattle metropolitan area to a truly global corporation providing telecommunications solutions for clients both large and small. Established to fill a significant market gap for simple communication solutions, the company first expanded to most major North American cities before becoming a major multinational player.

Presently, the company is extending operations to include voice over IP, as well as high-speed cable Internet access. Global call Communications' team includes more than 40,000 specialists worldwide in more than 20 countries on three continents. Next year will see the deployment of a third generation wireless communications network in Asian countries.

The future looks bright for Global call Communications. By the next year the company will be servicing more than 15 million households and businesses globally. Global call Communications will have become a household word. We look forward to serving clients and are planning to do everything in our power to make sure that your communication future is unlimited and simple.

1. The company began by offering computer software solutions to local businesses in the greater Seattle metropolitan area.


2. The company was founded on an approach to providing simple communication solutions.


3. The company is expanding operations at the moment.


4. Worldwide communications employs more than 40,000 specialists.


5. The company expects to be servicing more than 50 million customers worldwide by 2005.


6. The company intends to cover the whole world.


7. The company thinks it will never fail.


8. The company promises to do its best to guarantee its restricted services.


(8 scores)

Task 2 Complete the text with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets/Дополните текст глаголами в правильной форме.

Ronald and Mary 1________ (drive) along a quite country road in Southern England. They 2________ (be) on the way to West berry. It 3_______ (be) nearly midnight. ‘Ron! Look over there! There 4_______ (be) something in the sky. What 5______ (be) it? - ‘I 6______ (not know) what it 7 ________(be). It 8______ (be) probably a plane.’ –‘I 9________ (not think) so, it 10______(be) too big an too bright.’-‘Oh, no!’-‘What’s matter?’ – ‘The engine 11_______ (stop)’.- ‘Why 12____it______(stop)?’- ‘I 13_______ (not know). I must 14 _________ (find) a garage.15________ (be) there one near here?’- ‘Yes, there 16______ (be) one in the next village. I 17________ (not be) sure if it 18 _______ (be) open. It 19 ______ (be) very late.’

Suddenly there 20______ _(be) a loud noise and a big bright silver object 21 ______(fly low over their car.) It 22_______ (stop) in mid-air, 23 _________ (loom) round, then 24 _______ (fly) straight up into sky and 25_______(disappear).

Transfer all your answers to your answer sheet.

(25 Scores)

Section 2

Use of English

Time: 40 minutes

Task 1. Supply the articles if necessary/ Вставьте артикли, где необходимо:

Between __________ two stools one falls to ________ ground.
_______ brevity is _______ soul of wit.
________ charity begins at _________ home.
Closed mouth catches no _______ flies.
_________experience is _________ best teacher.
_________fire and ______ water are good servants, but _______ bad masters.
One cannot blow and swallow at ________same time.
One cloud is enough to eclipse _______ sun.
One hand washes ________others.

(15 scores)

Task 2. Change the word in brackets to complete the sentence. / Измените слово, данное в скобках, чтобы закончить предложение.

1. There was a … to find the best book. (COMPETE) competition

2. Flowers … bees. (ATTRACTIVE) __________

3. That … is by Picasso. (PAINT) __________

4. We must make a … about where to go. (DECIDE) ___________

5. How many … holidays do you have? (NATION) _________

6. The film was … and he became rich. (SUCCESS) __________

7. He lives in a … house by the sea. (WOOD) __________

8. Could you repeat that … ? (EXPLAIN) __________

9. We are … of our district. (PRIDE) __________

(8 scores)

Task3. Underline the noun that is usually uncountable in each group. / Подчеркните неисчисляемые существительные:

Example: shirt, fashion, skirt, tie, blouse.

Holiday, journey, flight, luggage, suitcase.
Meal, dish, food, menu, dessert.
Cheque, coin, cash, salary, bonus.
Tractor, corn, barn, field, orchard.
Raspberry, plum, fruit, fig, mango.
Job, employee, boss, unemployment, profession.
Basement, attic, cellar, bed sit, accommodation

(7 scores)

Section 3


Time: 40 minutes

Read the extract from your pen-friend’ letter. Her name is Clare, who has just started at a new school. In your letter:

tell her about your best friend;
ask three questions about her new school.

Write 100-140 words. Remember the rules of the letter writing.

(20 scores)

Section 4


Time: 10-15 minutes


Task 1

In a minute you will have to speak about traveling. Remember to say:

if you like to travel;
if you have ever traveled outside of your country;
which country you have always wanted to visit;
if you prefer traveling alone or with your friends.

Task 2


You need to go to your friend’s house. Ask him/her questions about:

time to get there;
where the stop is;

(20 scores)
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