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Диагностическая работа по английскому языку 8 класс ФГОС
Ex.1 Выберите слово, подходящее по значению к выделенному

to destroy: а) to kill b) to break c) to fight
to damage: а) to be out of luck b) to hurt c) to be in trouble
to disaster: а) danger b) trouble c) luck

Ex. 2 О каких бедствиях идёт речь: volcano eruption; drought; hurricane; earthquake; flood

1) It lifted a car at about ten feet off the ground, and then we saw it disappear down the street.

2) It was about two meters deep and we watched as most of our furniture just floated away.

3) The grass turned yellow and most of the crops died.

4) The walls began to move visibly, and large cracks opened up in the ground.

5) We could see the slowly advancing towards the town just ten miles away.

Ex. 3 Составьте предложения и определите, какие времена в них используются

1. The little girl/ evening /crying/ the whole/ was/ yesterday.

2. It/ yesterday/ snowing/ all day/ was/ long.

3. What/ at 4 p. m./ were/ yesterday/ doing/ you?

4. He /at the sky/ looking/ him/ when/ was/ the boy/ touched.

5. The old lady/ watching TV/ was/ rang/ when/ the telephone.

Ex. 4 Выберите Past Simple или Past Continuous

1) I met / was meeting a friend while I did / was doing the shopping.

2) I paid / was paying for my things when I heard / was hearing someone call my name.

3) We decided / were deciding to have a cup of coffee.

4) We left / were leaving the café and said / were saying goodbye.

5) I finished / was finishing my shopping and went / was going home.

Ex. 5 Поставьте глаголы в правильную форму (Past Simple или Past Perfect)

1. The terrible hurricane… (destroy) all the houses by that time.

2. The pilot … (finish) his flight by 3 p. m. yesterday.

3. When the professor … (come), the students … already (collect) their thoughts.

4. She … already (read) the article, when I … (phone) her.
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