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Диагностическая работа по английскому языку 11 класс ФГОС
Task1.Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense.

1. When you (see) him last?- It (be) some days ago.

2. ”You (find) your book?”- “No! I still (look) fot it. I already (look) for it for 2 hours.”

3. If she (come) to school tomorrow, she (take part) in the competition.

4. “ You ever (spend) your holidays in the Crimea?”- “Yes, I … . I (be) there last year.

5. “When he usually (get up)?”- “He (get up) at seven o’clock.

Task 2.Choose the correct modal verb.

1. I looked everywhere for the book but I … find it. A) couldn’t cool mustn’t C) shouldn’t

2. You … drive carefully on a busy road. A) can cool should C) may

3. I don’t feel well today. … I leave a bit earlier? A) may cool must C) should

4. Yesterday I stayed at home because I … help my father. A) can cool must C) had to

5. You … use my dictionary as long as you like. A) must cool may C) have to

Task 3.Read the text and put the words in the correct form.

Thanks to the Internet, we are now living in a _______(1) village. We have more _______(2) about other countries than ever before. We know as much about the_______(3) in the US as in Russia. _______(4) which is produced in one country will affect other countries, too. For example, nuclear power is not _______(5) only for one country but is an _______(6) problem. If we do not take action soon, the _______(7) of a nuclear disaster is very real. We should all ________(8) our rubbish- not hope ‘green’ people will do it for us.

Some people think _______(9)resources will go on forever, but they won’t. We all have an_______(10) to protect the environment.

globe 6. nation
inform 7. possible
situate 8. cycle
pollute 9. nature
danger 10. oblige
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