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Диагностическая работа по английскому языку 10 класс ФГОС
I ________ (listen) to the radio while Mary __________ (cook) dinner. You __________ (buy) this book yesterday? Last Friday Jill __________ (go) home early because she __________ (want) to see a film. When your brother usually __________ (get) home in the evening? Jane always __________ (bring) us a nice present. What those people __________ (do) in the middle of the road? You __________ (read) this book? While Fred __________ (sleep), Judy __________ (watch) TV.

Alice ... (not to take) the bus to school every day. She usually ... (to walk) to school... (to take) … you the bus to get to school or ... (to walk) you? Who is this man? I ... (to think) that I ... (to know) him, but I ... (to forget) his name.

Aren’t you about to finish with the dishes? You _______ (wash) the dishes for thirty minutes or more. How long can it take you to wash the dishes? We _______ (go) to the Steak House restaurant many times. The food is excellent. A: What is that sound? B: A car alarm _______ (ring) somewhere down the street. It _______ (drive) me crazy —I wish it would stop! It _______ (ring) for more than twenty minutes. Can you translate this note from Stockholm? I understood Swedish when I _______ (be) a child, but I _______ (forget) it all. What’s that dent in the side of the car? You _______ (have) an accident? I’m sorry, John’s not here; he _______ (go) to the dentist. He _______ (have) trouble with a tooth for some time.

Oh no! The children _______ (cook). Look at the state of this kitchen! How many times Wendy _______ (be) late for work this week? I’m going to give that cat some food. It _______ (sit) on the doorstep for hours. I’m sure it’s starving. I _______ (do) grammar exercises all morning. I deserve a treat for lunch. You _______ (not / buy) your mother a present? That’s really mean of you.
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